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    Oak Lane is a plastic free store and was established to help tackle the very serious and frightening plastic crisis our earth is facing.  When you hear and read the figures concerning the amount of plastic used it seems an impossible situation to tackle as individuals.  However, we must take action, we cannot wait for governments and large corporations to change their policies and practices, future generations need us to act now.

    Oak Lane plastic free store will stock plastic free everyday items, such as toothbrushes, shampoos and cotton buds.  Such products are used by all and by transitioning to the plastic free alternatives we can make a huge positive effect to our environment.  We will offer alternatives to single use plastics and zero plastic will be used in our packaging.  All our beauty products are and will be natural too, so no nasty chemicals being put on to your body.

    This zero waste journey is new for us and we hope we can learn from each other ways to lead a more eco friendly life.  Please join us on this plastic free journey!